Licenses are required by the following users as there is a reproduction or reformatting of musical works In the following activities.

  • Production house - Production houses who use commercial and production music in their productions (regular and promotional productions), whether on TV, radio, digital platform or hardcopy.

  • Record companies - Record companies who don’t distribute their product through the major record companies require permissions when pressing CDs etc.

  • Online music services - Online music services that provide download and streaming services.

  • Advertising agencies - Advertising agencies using music when working in all forms of media.

  • Broadcasters - Radio, Online Radio and TV broadcasts.

  • Filmmakers - Filmmakers who use music (commercial and production) in their films.

  • Corporate companies - Corporate companies that use music for their corporate communications.

  • Gaming and Apps - Gaming and Apps companies that use music.

  • Physical Music Providers - Providers of commercial music to retail companies or businesses
    • Shopping Malls
    • Cinemas
    • Retail Stores
    • Trains
    • Aeroplanes

  • Karaoke and Backing Tracks - Providers of karaoke services or people who make use of backing tracks for live performances.

  • Jukeboxes - Providers of jukeboxes to public venues.