When it comes to music, there are several different rights that exist in any musical work or recording. Collectively, these are known as copyright. Yes, copyright is made up of several other rights, including, for example, performing rights, which are administered by SAMRO, and master rights, whichis the separate copyright the record label has in the actual sound recording.

CAPASSO only administers the mechanical right in the composition's copyright, i.e. the right that arises when a musical work is reproduced or transferred from one format to another (from a master tape to a CD for example).

There are many examples of when a mechanical right arises: when promotional CDs are pressed, when an MP3 is purchased for download from an online music store by a user, when videos are put onto the correct format for broadcasting, or when music is attached to television programming …and these are just a few.

Remember, a license – or permission – from the copyright owner (represented by CAPASSO in this instance) must be obtained before any transfer takes place.